Sunday 15 January 2023 16:45

Scott Parker: "Disappointed for both the fans and the players"

Despite a plethora of chances, Blue and Black only managed to score once, and an awkward own-goal added salt to injury. All the more reason for Scott Parker to be dejected as he addressed the press.

"First and foremost, I'm disappointed about the result", Club's coach kicked off. "Disappointed for the fans and obviously also for the players. We played a fine game, creating many chances against a well-organised team. To boot, we hardly conceded any chances. It's all the more bitter that we didn't manage to make more of the many chances we had, and that we conceded that unfortunate goal by the end. We really cut ourselves short, we really should have upped our efficiency. So all in all I am very disappointed with the result, but hapy with the way we played. Obviously I'm still getting to know this team, and it's getting better by the day, but it also takes time. We also need to be able to handle situations like this today too."
Yaremchuk had an unfortunate game, but coach Parker still maintains his belief in the striker. "You can see that Roman is lacking confidence at this point, and that he's therefore unfortunate in his finishing on goal. It's the type of player I trust in, however, as he really gives it everything at training and in the game. Everything's going against him right now, but in general I'm very happy with how he played today. His commitment to the team was also in good balance."
By the vrery end of the game, three substitutions were lined up to force the decision. "It's correct that these changes could have been done earlier on, but the circumstances of the game dictated differently. After they equalised, the whole process changed. As a coach, you try to assess which player you can bring at which moment in order to get the most impact on the game."
After the equaliser, Club had no more reaction in store. "That's something I noticed to, and it's something we will be working hard on in the weeks to come. We took a well-deserved lead with nice build-up, but then I saw that we didn't push through. That's a psychological thing. The boys were focusing on maintaining that one goal lead, while they really should have gone for that second goal. We failed to do so, and that's something we really should avoid doing. We have to keep working hard in order to get the best out of this team; the title, that's something we absolutely shouldn't be thinking about right now. It's important to know what we are doing well at this point, but even more so it's important to see where we can improve", the Club boss concluded. (TM)

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