Saturday 17 July 2021 23:45

Senne Lammens: “Fans gave me an enormous boost"

The 19-year-old Senne Lammens started the season as first goalkeeper of The Blues because of the injury of Simon Mignolet. The young goalkeeper immediately proved his worth with a few saves in the second half.

“This was great. It's amazing if you can make your debut like this. You hope for and dream about this which is what happened. A wonderful feeling. That first time is always special. I enjoyed the friendlies as well but that's not the same. The atmosphere here and the fans make it special and give you an amazing boost which makes you play better. I am happy that I could show my qualities. We were all tired at the end. The second half was tough. We started well. At the end I helped the team with a couple of saves. I am very happy if I contributed to the victory. I shouted to Mitrovic when Genk scored their first goal but he didn't hear me. I wanted to prove myself a little bit too much. I can learn from this and thave to take this with me so that I can stay calm at the end next time. I gave everything and don't have to regret anything. I proved my qualities and am happy about that."


Senne Lammens
Senne Lammens

Lammens always stays calm but was a little bit nervous before the match. "There was of course a little bit stress but that seems logical to me. You want to prove yourself. I am a calm person and my self-confidence grew during the game which made me more calm. I made a mistake against Utrecht this week but I was sharp today because of that. I was even more focused. Simon Mignolet came into the dressing room after the match to congratulate me with my performance. It is of course an amazing feeling when someone like him congratulates you", said the young goalkeeper of Club. (KN/TM)

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