Siebe Schrijvers: “I am very happy with this chance”

Siebe Schrijvers started from kickoff and thanked the coach for the confidence. He gave the assist for the goal of Okereke after a wonderful action.


“We never got into troubles. This was a very positive evening for us. I am happy with this chance. I give everything I have when playing and that was also the case today. I try to play an important role and I did so with an assist. We are defening well and solid. We try to concede as few goals as possible and we almost score every game. Indeed, we missed a couple of chances but winning 3-0 is not bad. We had to score after halftime but we cannot complain about this result.


Siebe Schrijvers
Siebe Schrijvers

The top match against PSG is waiting on Wednesday. "We are confident but PSG are of course a team with enormous qualities. We could already see that in the home game. We have to recover well now and be ready for that match. We know what we can expect. The tactics will be discussed in the next couple of days. We have to keep an eye on Mbappé but there are many talented players in that team. But we believe in our own qualities. We showed something in Madrid so why would we not be able to show something in Paris too?" (KN)

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