Siebe Schrijvers: “Two points lost”

Another starting spot for Siebe Schrijvers, industrious as ever, but unable to make his way to the score line. The Limburg midfielder deplored Blauw-Zwart's point loss.


“Two points lost. When you're 0-2 up, it's a pity you concede just before going into the break. Furthermore, we weren't focused as we came on again, and with their first action they equalised. It's a pity that ball went in, as we didn't allow them all that much apart from that. We had trouble playing our usual game, but we really oughtn't have given that lead away. Their small pitch was really in bad shape, and that didn't work to our advantage, while they are used to playing like that. At warm-up, we already realised it would be tough. In the first half we showed we have some dueling power too, but after the break we showed too little.” (SF) 

Siebe Schrijvers
Siebe Schrijvers

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