Sunday 10 November 2019 18:00

Siebe Schrijvers: "We have to recover physically in the next couple of weeks"

Siebe Schrijvers started from kickoff and scored the opening goal after 25 minutes. However, Club still lost.

"We played a strong first half and took the lead which gave us a good feeling at halftime. We did not play on the same level in the second half but still had some good moments. There were a lot of interruptions and we did not find our rhytm anymore. However, we do not have to dramatize this result. We already performed well this season. Everyone thinks we are unbeatable and each team is very motivated to beat us. It was a 'good news show' the past couple of weeks and months but that does not have to stop after this defeat. The next couple of weeks will allow us to recover physically and we will be back again afterwards."

Siebe Schrijvers
Siebe Schrijvers

Siebe Schrijvers also looked back on Wednesday's game against PSG. "What happened on Wednesday lays behind us. We stay one team and we are very close. You could also see that when we scored." (TM)

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