Thursday 29 August 2019 00:15

Simon Deli: “Dream come true”

Simon Deli once again showed his worth to the team, with a goal-saving header from the line after Ranftl lifted it towards an empty goal. The Ivory Coast defender was thrilled to see a childhood dream come true.

“Qualifying is immense, but it hasn't been easy. This was one of those games that called for a 200% focus, but we were ready and fought for it. In the first leg, Linz had already shown it harbours a lot of athleticism in its team. We were able to play our own game today, particularly in the first half. That first goal freed us, but still they caught us with their pressure. But it was over and done with after our second goal. My favourite draw? No preferences, really, I'm ready to take on any team. This is a childhood dream come true, to be playing in the Champions League. It wasn't a walk in the park, we really had to give everything. With two Belgian teams at the highest level, we get a lot of respect in Europe. It's a good stage to show what you've got. To boot, we play each other on Sunday. It promises to be another big game.” (KN) 

Simon Deli
Simon Deli

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