Simon Deli: "More in it"

Standard de Liège proved a very slippery fish to handle against Club Brugge. Blauw-Zwart conceded an early goal, but another early goal, in the second half, made sure Club kept one point at home. The Standard attack also gave Simon Deli a handful.


"Our first half was taxing. Standard played a fiesty game, giving us a hard time. We weren't allowed a lot of space, and we had trouble getting into our usual rhythm. Particularly after that early goal, we had a rough time. Still, more than a draw was possible, particularly after that second half. Our coach made some changes at half-time, which paid off instantly. After David's (Okereke, edit) goal, we hardly gave away any chances, and our strikers did create some opportunities. We now need to recover well and look towards our next game, which is on the horizon swiftly." (KV)

Simon Deli
Simon Deli

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