Sunday 23 May 2021 21:15

Simon Mignolet: “This is a team performance”

Simon Mignolet was handed the trophee for most clean sheets after the match - 15 this season. Today Mignolet was rested, Ethan Horvath was between the sticks today.

"I'm quite alright today, just a little bit of discomfort in my knee. It's been a few weeks actually. The EC is coming up, so I need to be ready for that. The trophee for most clean sheets is not just a trophee for me, it's one for the entire team. If you get a clean sheet, it's not just the goalkeeper's merit. True, I am the last man, but we have a brilliant defensive line. It's the second year in a row that we get this trophee, so I see this more as a team performance. But I'm happy to receive it."


Today Club celebrated its 17th title in the history of the club with a couple of hundreds of fans."This is so much greater, to celebrate the title with the fans. But mostly together with the group, the staff and everyone who's been working with us this season. The relief was immense. Today we can celebrate the title, which we deserve more than any other team. These are the moments you have to cherish, because this doesn't happen all to often. And now we have to set new goals for the coming season and work hard to achieve them."


"Always hold back", Mignolet laughs when the camera is rolling. "You don't get far just with words. I always hold back when it's necessary. But believe me: today I'm not going to hold back, just like Thursday." (KN)

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