Simon Mignolet: “Bumpy game”

Suddenly it all seemed to be going wrong for Club, but Simon Mignolet had an excellent save in store as Mouscron player Gnohéré tried his luck from afar, avoiding a defeat in the final minutes of the game.


“Only one team wanted to play football today, but we're getting used to that. You just know it's a game in which you'll be facing a wall the entire ninety minutes. We tried fighting that wall, and did all we could. They're dangerous on the break, with a couple of quick men up front. Their pitch wasn't the best either, but that shouldn't be an excuse. All of these circumstances made it hard on us to break down that wall. You need to play a swift style of football to find that gap. Unfortunately that wasn't possible today. It was a bumpy game, and that chance to kill it didn't really come, so it remained at  0-0 for a long time. And every little mistake we make could prove dangerous. By the end of the game, we could have even lost it. Given the circumstances, nothing more was in it for us. It's the situation we are facing now. You could say that we are not playing well enough to be scoring goals, but more reasons are in play.”

Simon Mignolet
Simon Mignolet

With a brilliant last-gasp save, Mignolet made sure the clean sheet was untouched. "It's what we train on every day. I play high up the field in order to help me team in putting continuous pressure and attack. Breaks then tend to follow quickly, and you have to be able to get back in position in a matter of seconds.Today, all of that work at training helped me get my hands on that ball. Both against Charleroi and Beerschot we conceded goals after ball loss. Fortunately I was able to catch that ball and hold on to that clean sheet. It could just have well been a 1-0 defeat.”


As of tomorrow, the team will be gearing up towards that all-important mid-week game against Zenit. "We know we have a lot of fixtures. It's positive that we get to take on another big mission, and it's something we're all looking forward to. It won't be easy, as Zenit is a formidable opponent. But we have already shown in Russia that we are capable of claiming the three points. Let's hope we can beat them again so we can make sure we have our place in the Europa League. When you can get the chance to play another big game for that spot in the Champions League, that would be a great added bonus. We will do everything it takes and make sure we are well-prepared to make sure this all happens.” (KN)

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