Simon Mignolet: “Draw lessons from this game”

An excellent performance by Simon Mignolet on hostile ground, but a number of fine saves later, the score was still at 5-0.


“It's been a long time since I had to do so much work. Even if I expected to have my hands full tonight. At the moment we were finding our way into the game, there's that sending off and the spot kick. It was just a human reaction of Deli's to keep the ball out. You can't blame him, things like that can happen. It did have a major impact on the game, however. They went 1-0 up, and started playing freely. We tried to give it our best shot, but they just showed that they're the better team. There are lessons to be drawn from this. Some of these situations we can definitely take to the Belgian scene. This elimination puts less weight on our schedules in the coming weeks, allowing us to recharge a bit more. We also had some injuries and a suspension, that was a bit much on our group.”

Simon Mignolet
Simon Mignolet

Not exactly the best of evenings to be returning to where he has played so many games. "It's clear you want to show what you've got on the highest European stage, but that didn't work out for us. It's not all that easy, as many of our guys surely must have thought we could be realising our dream. For me personally, it's always great to be playing stadiums like this, on a pitch like this. But it's important not to let it get to your head, it's the group that claims the results. We didn't achieve our goals today, so we have to get back on track this weekend.“ (SF)

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