Wednesday 7 September 2022 23:45

Simon Mignolet: “Fine football in the first half, great defending in the second”

Called upon a couple of times in the second half, Simon Mignolet helped Club towards a clean sheet in the CL opener against Leverkusen.

“A terrific night. Not just the result, but also the way we went about it. We sorted things neatly, and grabbed those three points, well-deserved. Except for those last twenty minutes when they threw caution to the wind and opted for power play. We went through a tight spot with that off-side goal, though. In the Champions League, you need better defending to be claiming those points. That's what we did better than in our last campaigns. There's not a lot of time for us to be cherishing this result. On Saturday, we make our way to Serain, a really tough night. You come from a high, and then get to play Seraing. It will be a matter of bringing those young guys back to earth. Furthermore, this is a new step for our group too. It allowed us a fine start, and we were able to show what we are made of. We played some fine football in the first half, and defended well in the second. That's what it takes to claim the full loot. As of tomorrow, our top priority will be Seraing, with three important points on the line for the league. After a night like this, you really owe it to yourself not to drop any points over there.”


One of the rocks in defense was without a doubt Abakar Sylla. “He's taking huge steps, is learning a lot and listens really well. Not only is he strong in duelling, he also has that sense of calm in possession. And now he starts scoring too. He already tried his luck at Charleroi, but it was chalked off. You can see where his qualities lie, he has a great future in store if he manages to keep both feet firmly on the ground.” (KN)

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