Tuesday 7 December 2021 21:30

Simon Mignolet: “Game completely different than the one at home”

One minute into the game, Simon Mignolet was beaten, and three more home goals followed. A complete thrashing, however, was thwarted by some fine saves by our goalie.

“Conceding goals is never fun, but that's the case both for me and the team. We also conceded goals against Genk but managed to go through nonetheless.”

Blue & Black had kicked off its campaign in style with a 4 out of 6 against PSG and Leipzig, but then faltered four times in a row. “Those first two games really were a step forward for us. After that, we have to admit that we showed too little quality. Our opponents also had a different approach towards us after that.”

PSG, runners-up in this group, really went for it at home. “You might have thought there would be room for complacency on PSG's side, as they had nothing to gain from this game, but it turned out to be a completely different game than the one at home”, Mignolet concluded. (EV)

Simon Mignolet
Simon Mignolet

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