Thursday 25 February 2021 23:45

Simon Mignolet: “Highly frustrating and such a pity”

With the extra covid-19 test turning out negative, Club was able to count upon its pillar in goal. Simon Mignolet hardly had anything to do, but was chanceless as Buyalskiy sealed Club's cruel fate with minutes on the clock. Unable to react, Club sees its way out of the Europa League.

“We took a defensive stance, but also tried to get that goal. We had our share of chances. But when the score remains at 0-0, they have to come and create chances. They also have fresher players than us, that's only logical, and can play that all-or-nothing gam with twenty minutes to go. Unfortunately they scored with five minutes on the clock. It's hard to get back up and try and find that hole to create chances to equalise. It would have been a different game altogether if only we had scored earlier on. It's highly frustrating, really a pity. A clean sheet would have kept us in the Europa League, and I'm sure that would have been a beatiful run continuing in this Europa League. I do believe we would have won this game at full strength, particularly with the result we claimed there. Everyone on the pitch gave it everything they've got. But that was too little, unfortunately. We won't be going to the next round, but that's football. Sometimes you just have to get to terms with it.”

Simon Mignolet
Simon Mignolet

Club's European run ends in the Round of 32. “It's a disappointment, I really wanted to make it to that next round. Particularly for those guys at home, so they would still get to chance to play in Europe. That was really in the cards. When you take a look at both of our selections, fully fit, we just have to beat them. We could have brought some fine things to the Europa League, depending on the draw. I'm not saying we would be capable of beating any team in the Europa League, but we would definitely have had a chance against every team."


Hopefully Club will be able to recover some players as it faces its next league challenge on Sunday. “We'll see who can return. We will now make do with who's available. It's a pity Bas Dost is out too, he's so vital to us. But no matter what, next Sunday's Starting XI will give it everything they've got. They did so today too, and showed that they play with hear, so typical of Club Brugge.” (KN)

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