Wednesday 20 January 2021 23:45

Simon Mignolet: “It was my choice to stay on my two feet”

Simon Mignolet played another huge part in a victory for Club Brugge. The goalkeeper kept out Sakala's penalty kick to keep Club's 2-1 advantage on the board.

"It was a clear choice to stay on my two feet", the goalkeeper said after the game. "Before the game started I had already decided to do so if Sakala would be taking a penalty kick. If you face Oostende, you just know it's not going to be an easy game. And especially because we conceded a goal. Then you know it's going to be difficult. And the wind didn't make it easier to play. Oostende is a very good team, we knew that. They are not so highly ranked by accident. I'm glad we kept the three points home. It's a very busy schedule, the only thing that counts know is not to drop any points. And we didn't."

Simon Mignolet
Simon Mignolet

But it's not all sunshine and roses. "First of all, we have to keep working on what to do when we score first. Like in our game against Beerschot, when we were 0-2 in front, I was called upon a few times. Like today. We need to do better, so we can control the game if we are in front. We make it hard on ourselves, like today with this unnecessary penalty. We are a good team, we know that. But we can still improve. I don't think we are already at our top level, which is a good sign, but we can still get better." (KN)

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