Simon Mignolet: “Proud and with good reason”

It's with good reason that Simon Mignolet was proud of the team and of the point harvested at Bernabeu. For the tenth time, Club was unbeaten in the Champions League.

“We need to stay positive about getting that point here at Real Madrid. It's a good cause to be proud of ourselves. Taking a 0-2 lead to the dressing rooms makes you dream of the full loot, but you just know that an early second half goal might shake things up again. But after that first goal, we kept our cool and believed in our own play. And in the end we even had the chance through Dennis to score a third. On the other hand it is true that it's a fair result given the number of chances they created. All's well that ends well, and one point here is a bonus point, so we should just be happy about that. We can be proud of the way we played here. Prior to the game we said we wanted to come here and play our own game, and that's what we did. Our young boys needed to be level-headed and stay focused and they did so. What's most positive about today is that we showed that we deserve our place here, both against Galatasaray and against Real Madrid. At home against Galatasaray and today too we could have even earned more. We have our rightful place in the Champions League Group stages. This should be a benchmark performance for what's to come for the rest of this campaign. ” (MDK)

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