Simon Mignolet: “Proud on the way we played here”

No clean sheet for Mignolet today. The goalkeeper was proud on the performance of the team but also disappointed with the result.


“It is just pity. We deserved at least one point today but are left behind with empty hands. We played a very good game just like in Madrid and proved we can compete with the big teams. We created enough chances and defended well. They did not have a lot of chances. Of course you then hope to take at least one point home but we did not manage to do so. That is pity and frustrating. We hoped to ensure our place in the Europe League by our way of playing here and our hard work. However, we can be proud on the way we played here. I don't think a Belgian team performed this before against one of the strongest teams in Europe. I think they will confirm it was not an easy match for them today."


Simon Mignolet
Simon Mignolet

The goalkeeper also looked back at the missed penalty of Diagne. "We will discuss that internally and deal with it like it should be. I will not talk about that in the media but internally and we will solve our problems. The most important thing to remember is our incredible way of playing here. We need to build further on this and can take this with us to the Belgian First Division." (MDK)

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