Wednesday 29 September 2021 00:30

Simon Mignolet: “Something to be proud of”

There was no holding back Leipzig's opener, but after that Club goalie Mignolet stood his ground. All in all, he had little to do between the posts, and sends kudos to a strong defensive block.

“Two games down, and we have four out of six in the Champions League; that's something we as Club can be proud of”, Club's goalie spoke afterwards. “We were pushed back in the second half, but there was hardly any work for me to do. Our defense didn't budge. We were by far the better team in the first half, with a deserved 1-2 win as a result. We knew there would be lots of space behind their defense, and we eagerly built on that thanks to our two swift strikers. We should be prould of the way in which we managed to neutralise this strong side as a team. Whether we're first or second, it's all the same, but four out of six against two such formidable oppontents, that something we should be really really proud of. For a Belgian team that's just a great feat, something the whole of Belgium can be proud of, particularly as it's so important to keep our European coefficient alive in view of the following years, something that's also in the back of our minds. Not just for ourselves, but for the entirety of Belgian football, and we took a great step with this win tonight. But now it's time to celebrate a bit.”(FDC)

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