Thursday 2 December 2021 00:15

Simon Mignolet: “Very happy with the qualification"

The Cup duel between Genk and Club Brugge was decided with penalties. Mignolet stopped the first penalty of Genk while all Club players scored. In this way, the Blues have been qualified for the quarter finals.

“This season we want to win the double", said a clearly satisfied Simon Mignolet. "By winning here with penalties, we come one step closer to one of our goals. This can only be good for the next couple of weeks. I was prepared for a potential penalty series. I knew what they were planning to do but I am especially happy I could stop their first penalty kick. All our players scored, so yes, I am very happy with the qualification." Whether we can say this is a victory based on character because Genk took the lead twice and Club kept on fighting? "I think you can certainly say that. Playing here twice in only four days is certainly not a gift. Genk is a very strong team and again proved that today. It feels of course very good if you can win twice against such team. On Sunday I could have done better but today everything went well so I am the one who needs to look into the mirror. I had my share in the qualification today. However, the most important thing today is that we showed as a team that we want to win.” (FDC)

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