Sunday 18 September 2022 21:00

Simon Mignolet: “We did not deserve to win today"

Next to Hans Vanaken, Simon Mignolet also answerred a few questions after the 3-0 defeat at Standard. The goalkeeper of the Blues was honest in his analysis.

“I don't think we deserve to win today", said the goalkeeper of the Blues clearly. "I think Standard were fiercer in the duels, fiercer in the game and they then took the lead in the first half. Beforehand we already knew this would be a tough match and after the first half we knew it would be tough to turn the situation around in the second half. I hope this 3-0 defeat is an accident de parcours as they say. There will now be an international break and so we will have time to analyse this match. You know this will be a special match after an amazing European night. At halftime, a small tactical correction followed first and then you try to come out quicker to find a new momentum to rectify that 1-0 as quickly as possible. We tried to do that with the resources we have but it didn't work today. I think we created few real chances to score a goal. We got caught too easily on the counterattack and so it became 3-0 for Standard which was very deserved." (FDC)

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