Sunday 19 December 2021 16:45

Simon Mignolet: "2-2 a correct result"

As Anderlecht assembled its attacking prowess in the second half, Simon Mignolet was called upon often and had a magic save in store to deny Raman from heading it homeward. Having conceded two goals, Club stranded on a draw.

“We were the better outfit in the first half, with the exception of those first ten minutes. We created chances and put pressure. We were in control of the game, but really should have added a second. The second half also started with a great opportunity to make it 2-0. A goal there, and we would be able to control the game and just finish it like that. But now, Anderlecht found its way into the game through the speed of Raman and Amuzu, and also had some chances. And 1-0 is only a slight margin then. They scored with good timing, and after that in a textbook situation. It's positive, however, that we didn't lose and grabbed that point, and maintain our lead towards Anderlecht. Not a super bad result all in all, even if we wanted to win this one."

Simon Mignolet
Simon Mignolet

The attacking intentions of the visitors did not come as a surprise to Simon Mignolet. “Anderlecht tries to play an offensive game, and also wanted to win. It was a great game for the neutral observer, with attacking play from both sides, with chances and high pressure. We also need to accept that our opponents have a strong team and are having a good run. 2-2 is a correct result after this encounter.”

Two more important games for Club before the Winter break. "Two more games before the Winter break. One Cup gam, but also the big game in the derby. Let's hop we can end both games with a win. That would be very positive. We are now looking at our own performances and our own points the most. That's what we keep in mind, and we'll see later on in the league where we will end.” (KN)

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