Sunday 24 October 2021 16:15

Simon Mignolet: "Continue working to keep making progress"

One of the MVP's of today's game was clearly Simon Mignolet, duly chanted by the fans after the game.

A sublime last-gasp save made sure Seck was denied the 2-1 in the closing seconds of the game. “A crucial save for sure, as we definitely did not deserve to go down here. At least we have that point now.” Mignolet also offered his views on today's encounter: “We were the better team in the second half. Maybe we could have created some more chances, but we had the better of the game.”
A corner kick set up Engels to score the opener in the first half. “The save I produced there was not all that different from the one in the end, but I put a bit too much power, making it harder for me to put more deviation on the ball. We all know Engels has a great header, but so far we haven't conceded that many goals from standard situations, so this is one more thing we need to start analysing, but we also shouldn't make too big a topif out of it. We continue working to keep making progress”.
Newly promoted Union is now the surprise leader. “We clearly want to be the top dogs now and hold on to it, but all in all a 1-1 at Antwerp is never a bad result.” (EV)

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