Sunday 1 August 2021 16:15

Simon Mignolet: "Eddy scored a wonderful goal"

Simon Mignolet showed his skills again and kept out a few opportunities for the hosts. After the match he was voted Man of the Match.

"It was a difficult first half for us. Union was the better side and created a few chances, unlike us. We were fortunate not to have conceded at half-time. We played a better second half, won more duels and created more danger. And then Eddy scores that wonderful goal which gives us the three points that we didn't expect nor deserved. But with four points out of six we started the new season better than last year."

Coach Clement changed tactically during half-time. "We changed our system to be able to create more. That worked out well, but it was still key to win more duels. From that point on we could make the difference with the quality of our players. What we take from this match? That we need to win the duels first to be the better team. Then we can make the difference."

Club won this difficult match at Union thanks to a great shot by Sobol. "I know Sobol can hit the ball hard. He's done it twice now, on Kortrijk last year and now today. It's not an easy stop for a goalkeeper, with a lot of players in front of you after a corner kick. I'm happy it went it."

Mignolet still works hard to be 100% match fit. "It'll take some more time - not only my knee, but also some match ritme. I haven't played a lot the last few weeks, these were my first ninety minutes. The last twenty minutes were hard, but that's normal. Luckily I'm experienced enough to cope with that." (KN)

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