Wednesday 2 February 2022 23:30

Simon Mignolet: "Everything still open for that second leg"

Freshly awarded MVP Simon Mignolet's main achievement was undoubtedly the penalty saved straight into the second half.

“I do my home work, and he fired it in the same corner. It could have just as well gone the other side, but I'm happy he did the same. Fortunately I got hold of it.”
A shaky start for Blue and Black? “They had the better of the game for the entire ninety minutes, particularly when we were down to ten. A stroke of genius by De Ketelaere brought us the win today. We gave it everything as a team today, and we fought well. Those last 30 minutes were a true all-or-nothing game, but I'm happy we have been able to hold on to that clean sheet.”

An away game at Gent is seldom a walk in the park. "We know we alway face some sturdy opposition when we come here. And it was also the Semis in the Cup. They also went for it, just like we did. When we played them here earlier this season, it all went their way, but this time it was vice versa, just like with that spot kick today. This one I saved, while I couldn't get the one in that game back then.”

With the second leg in one month, our goalie hopes Club can hold on to this run. "We are happy, even if this win wasn't entirely deserved and we went through a very tight spot here. But that's football. It all remains open as we take on that second leg. We had a good first leg result, even if an away goal is not what it used to be, but that's how it is now.” (EVDH)

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