Sunday 31 July 2022 18:30

Simon Mignolet: "Not easy playing football"

Even a resilient Mignolet was unable to precent the point loss for Club visiting a fervent Eupen.

"I reckon this was a bad game from our end. We trailed early in the game but scored an equally quick equaliser, and conceded again, and you just know it's going to be a tough game at Eupen on this small pitch. I believe that, even when they were down to ten, we weren't able to create the chances to warrant a win here. A well-deserved win for Eupen, which is really heart-breaking. There is no way we can be happy with this result; we need to take this and move forward.”

Club faced a ten-man strong opposition in the second half, but even then it wasn't a lofty task for the visitors.
"They were 2-1 up, and were hanging on for dear life. They all pulled back and lined up just in front of their box, making it all the more hard to play football. A number of half-decent crosses is not enough to put pressure on Eupen, a team 2-1 ahead at home. It was tough to try and break that deadlock. If we were to have scored that 2-2, we might have gone over them, but today we really do not deserve anything more than what we got."

Mignolet concluded in claiming that things just have to get better. "Conceding two goals is never good, and I even saved a number of efforts too. Obviously I'm not too happy about that. That's something that needs to change quickly; any Club Brugge side will always have to make sure not to conced too many goals, remain stable, and only then you can think about winning games. That's something we will have to work on in the next coming weeks", Mignolet finished his talk.

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