Thursday 25 November 2021 00:00

Simon Mignolet: "Only a result can turn this situation around"

Simon Mignolet had a tough evening against Leipzig. Club lost 0-5.

"The story of this match is that you talk for an entire week about our current situation. Then you try to start this match in a good way. Matches are decided based on goals in the two boxes. It is a slap in the face when you quickly have to concede three goals. It is especially hard with the group we have and the momentum. The only positive thing is that we did not go down in the second half. They could have scored more. We can only get out of this by obtaining a result to gain a good feeling and confidence. You can talk a lot about tactics and mentality but only a result can turn this situation around."



Clement tried to hurt Leipzig with his choices. "The coach is there to make choices and we trust him. We have a large team and the competition is huge. Everyone in the dressing room is ready to play matches. That has always been our strength. It is hard to say this afterwards. If we win, it would have been wonderful. If you know one point is sufficient for the qualification, you can play for one point and still lose at the end. We always try to attack and always try to win. That was also the idea tonight."



The fans showed their emotions after the match. "The fans are disappointed just like we are. No single fan likes to see how his team loses 0-5. We hoped for a beautiful evening. We understand the disappointment of our fans and are disappointed as well. You celebrate the beautiful moments with them. We are in the same situation. Things can change quickly in soccer and hope to celebrate a victory with the fans as soon as possible."


The players have to respond now. "You can point your finger towards someone and become angry. Everyone will have to look into the mirror. Obtaining a result is the only way to get out of this. We have to show our qualities on the field starting with the two away games against Genk. We have to be there as from tomorrow onwards to obtain our objectives. We will then see how things work out in Paris. We still want to play in Europe after the winter break and we still have the possibility to realize that goal. It will of course be tough against a stronger team. However, we are strongest when we have nothing to lose. You never know what can happen." (KN)

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