Sunday 6 November 2022 16:45

Simon Mignolet: "We couldn't make a fist"

Club lost the "Battle of Flanders" 2-0. And that was certainly not the fault of Mignolet, who once again managed to avoid worse.

"If you look at the course of the match, we started very well," said the goalkeeper of the Blues. "We were in control until Ghent managed to score from their first goal chance and we then started shivering. After that, we again gave away chances far too easily. Because we no longer played our own game, we came under pressure every time. Ghent then scored a second goal out of a standard situation and you know it will be a difficult afternoon anyway. They threw everything forward and won a lot of duels. We couldn't make a fist which is why the score was 2-0 at halftime."

"After halftime, we tried to attack with a bit more courage in order to restore the balance. Actually you cannot put yourself in such a lost position. That has to be the lesson we have to learn from this defeat today. You also felt that we are still too fragile which definitely needs to improve in the future." (FDC)

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