Sunday 16 May 2021 21:15

Simon Mignolet: "We had to do anything to win today"

Simon Mignolet couldn't prevent Mbokani from scoring, but Hans Vanaken put Club back in front from the spot. Afterwards Mignolet and his defenders prevented Antwerp from grabbing a late point.

"It was very important to win this game, with two games to go. We're five points clear again and that was our objective today. We did it and we're happy now. I admit, it was quite difficult at the end. With only the one goal lead, we had to do anything to get the win today. And we did it with the entire team. It was a very intense closing minutes. They're a very powerful team and they kept dropping the ball in the penalty area. I only had two choices: stay where I am or help the team."

Simon Mignolet
Simon Mignolet

Simon Mignolet is the goalkeeper who conceded the least goals this season. The goalie kept a clean sheet in fifteen games. "That's great. But I can't keep the clean sheets without my teammates. Like today, everyone helped out in the back. This was a great team effort. It's not just the goalkeeper who gets the clean sheet, it's all eleven players. That's a trophee for the entire group. I'm just the goalkeeper, one of eleven. But we did great defensively this season."

Because of their victory yesterday, Genk was closing in on the blue and black and only two points behind. "There was some pressure in the group. We started Play-Off 1 with an eight-point advantage and before our game we were only two in front. It's my job to help the younger players keep their focus. In the dressing room the experienced players need to help the younger ones. Noa is a good example, and so is Hans. He came on and poked home the winning goal. He took his responsibility in difficult circumstances. Great job." (KN)

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