Sofyan Amrabat: “Only one team from the go”

After his excellent game at Dortmund, Sofyan Amrabat again proved man of the match against Standard. The Morroccan Dutchman took control of midfield, topping of his performance with a brill goal. His first on the Club payroll.


“Taking a 3-0 lead only just in the game means you have done great as a team. It helps to be scoring so early on, of course. We were in control from the very first minute. Standard has a fine outfit, with plenty of good players, but we were excellent today. We played a bit more downfield in the second half, allowing them to come and freeing up space behind their defense. We know we are capable of solid defending, we already proved that against Dortmund. Usually, we are not as good after a game on the European stage, but every game is a new opportunity, and today's game was a five star performance. They always say: a good start is half the battle.”

Sofyan Amrabat
Sofyan Amrabat

Cherry on top for the Morroccan Dutchman was Club's third goal. "I didn't realise it was that hard, about 129 kms an hour. I did hit it sweetly, it went in just fine. I had another fine chance in the second half, but unfortunately it didn't end up against the back of the nets. I leave it to the others to rate how I played, I'd rather not scrutinise my own performances. It's vital to be going for it 100% every game, and make sure you get better every day. It's very important that we won this one.”


Amrabat's stay in Bruges is going better by the day, and it looks like he has made it to the Starting XI. “I've been here a while now, but the fans don't really know me. When you don't get to play, you're a failure. You're only as good as you were in your last game. That's part and parcel in the world of football. I've been having a good run at training, and the coach told me my day would come. I came in fine against Zulte and it also went well at Dortmund. You need to make the most of the chances you get. Unfortunately two more wingers  fell out today. Whether I'll be starting there on Friday? I'm a midfielder, but I play wherever the team needs me.” (KN)

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