Wednesday 29 September 2021 22:45

Stanley Nsoki: "Coach's tactics executed with perfection"

Central defender Stanley Nsoki also offered his views on the game.

“Today we succeeded in executing our coach's plan to a tee, as requested. Leipzis's outfit has many qualities, and they also showed them today. We came well prepared however.” RB Leipzig took an early lead. “Unfortunately for us, their first chance was goal, but we managed to turn the tide. We're very happy with this 2-1”.
Nsoki also put in a great performance in Germany. “We are in this competition because we deserve it. In the group stages, all games have to be played, and it's up to those who start as well as those coming on to give everything they've got.”
It's with a broad smile on his face that he concluded: "We'll be enjoying this for a short while, and after that we'll be focussing on the Belgian league.”

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