Stefano Denswil: “Didn't get what we deserved”

A mere three chances resulted in two goals for Cercle, a fact not even Stefano Denswil and his fellow defenders can get around. A 2-2 draw in the city derby is not what was hoped for.


“They crossed the middle line two or three times, and scored twice. That just cannot happen. We created so many chances and only capitalized twice. To them this feels ilike a win. We played some fine football in the first half. Clearly only one team wanted to win, unfortunately we couldn't fulfil our mission. So much more was in it for us today. The gap with Genk is getting large. We didn't play a bad game of football, we just don't score enough goals. It's easier to produce fine football when the pitch is in better state. We did what we could today. At times it went great, particularly in the first half, with good pressure, and us making the most of the space offered. They played in block, and allowed us to come. Despite that, we had our fair share of chances, but just scored too few goals. We now feel appalled, disappointed, both me and the team. But on Thursday there's another game. Looking back on how we performed in the Champions League, we should be able to bring that little extra. We will do everything we can.” (KN)

Stefano Denswil
Stefano Denswil

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