Sunday 20 January 2019 18:00

Stefano Denswil: “Easiest of things went wrong”

A canny Charleroi gave Stefano Denswil's Club Brugge a run for its money.

“An upset defeat, that's for sure. They got their goal from a textbook situation, and apart from one chance in the second half, they didn't create any further danger. Albeit that admittedly we didn't play our best game either. We managed to create a number of opportunities, but still, that was too little to warrant the win. It's striking just how even the easiest of things went wrong today. I can't immediately think of a reason for our failure, as we had had two amazing training weeks in Qatar and here at home. We were all ready to go for it 100% against Charleroi, but still it all fell apart.”

Stefano Denswil
Stefano Denswil

The dreary defeat is not exactly a boost for Club in the table. “The loss means we are ten points behind Genk now. We all now that is split in two in a few weeks, but that's not how we should go about that, as that won't be helping us in the end. No, this wasn't our best game. The visitors tried taking the pace out of the game whenever they could, and when you get a ref who just lets that slide... When we addressed him about that in the second half, he just waved us off. Next week's trip to Ostend won't be easy either, but we have to brush ourselves off and return to Bruges with the three points in the bag.” (FDC)

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