Tuesday 11 December 2018 23:45

Stefano Denswil: “Solid campaign”

Club's defense, among them Stefano Denswil, managed to keep Atlético at bay, resulting in a goalless draw in the final group stage game.

“I'm happy with this result. We hardly gave away anything, and tried to prove dangerous on the break, which we managed to do a couple of times. We get our chances in every game, and now that one chance came in the second half. Griezmann is an excellent forward with lots of qualities, but he's not the sole danger at Atlético. We made it as hard on him as we could today, and the 0-0 is a result we can take home. We played from a solid organisation, but it's a pity that one great opportunity didn't go in. We can reflect on a great game, particularly in defense. We may have deserved better at home with that own-goal against Dortmund, and at home against Monaco with that header going wide in the final minute. But the Europa League is great too, isn't it?”

Stefano Denswil
Stefano Denswil

It's with a content mind that Club looks back at the CL adventure. “A solid campaign on our behalf when it comes to the football we brought to the pitch. We have been able to show more as compared to two years ago. I've been checking out the names we can draw in the EL, we'll see who we get. Some fine names among them. But all's to be played for, and there are always opportunities. Sometimes you have to be lucky. On Saturday, we'll be going for it once again, to make up for our lacklustre performance last week.“ (KN)

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