Stefano Denswil: “Went the extra mile for one another”

Fit for the job, Stefano Denswil reclaimed his place in the starting line-up. An early booking didn't keep the Dutchman from putting in a great performance. So far, Dortmund has proven a true scoring machine, but getting one past Club's organisation was too much asked for.


“We conceded far too many goals lately. We felt that we were too far apart on the pitch, and played a more compact game. We didn't leave each other in the lurch, and went the extra mile for one another, literally. The fact that this lead to a point is fantastic. We may not have been that impressive up front, but that is understandable. On Sunday, we will have to defend well too, but add in more offensive powers.” (SF)

Stefano Denswil
Stefano Denswil

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