Sunday 15 May 2022 15:15

Third consecutive title for Club Brugge!

Let's go! Here it is! Blue and Black have just beaten Antwerp 1-3 and are now sure of claiming that third consecutive title. A historic moment, as it had been 44 years since Club last won three leagues back-to-back. Celebrations are in order, and the fans will be able to greet their heroes at the Bruges Grote Markt on 23 May!

FCB started the Champions’ play-offs facing a three point gap with leaders Union, after the gap had already been 12 units. But Club successfully completed the pursuit after a great run with two perfect scores against both Antwerp and Union, and a draw at the Lotto Park.

And so this great season, with, need we remind, also some great European nights at Jan Breydel, comes to a close with the 18th title. This one's also for you, our fans, who once again had a massive impact along the sidelines!

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