Friday 13 September 2013 15:30

Twinterview with Paul Okon

This afternoon Paul Okon answered some questions on Twitter using Club Brugge's official Twitter account. This is an overview of the best questions and answers.

<strong>What&#39;s your best memory as a player for Club Brugge? (Stefanie Staelens)</strong><br />
my first game, away in Standard. Unfortunately, we lost.</p>
<strong>What is your view on your country man Mathew Ryan? (Gary Niblock)</strong><br />
Great guy and a fantastic goalkeeper!</p>
<strong>Club Brugge have signed Maty Ryan thanks to you. He has been one of the best players so far. Are there still lots of other talents in Australia? (Fr&eacute;d&eacute;ric De Muynck)</strong><br />
yes, there definitely is, but Bruges has the best talent.</p>
<strong>Who&#39;s you&#39;re favorite player of all time and why? (Brecht Castelein)</strong><br />
Franky Van der Elst. He made my job on the field very easy cc @DerFrvde</p>
<strong>Do you a see big difference with the team now and at your time? (Sven)</strong><br />
I think now there&#39;s more pressure. There are no easy games in Belgium.</p>
<strong>How is your knee (Wim Matthijs)</strong><br />
I have pain every day, but it&#39;s worth it to have been a professional player</p>
<strong>You are now scouting for #clubbrugge; would you like to be head coach some day of... club:)? (Christophe D)</strong><br />
I don&#39;t think much in the future, I&#39;m happy to continue to learn what&#39;s needed to be good coach. What happens, will happen</p>
<strong>Why is Bruges in a downward spiral for already ten years, and can it come out of it some time/any time soon/ ever? (Thomas Jaak Clijmans)</strong><br />
8 years is a long time without any prizes, but things can change very quickly in football!&nbsp;</p>

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