Dirk Smet, Director of Communication Belfius Bank

"For the past 15 years, sponsoring Club Brugge has been a true partnership for Belfius Bank. The added value offered by our cooperation, such as improvement of our brand name familiarity and the numerous  possibilities when it comes to hospitality and networking, will not lightly be forgotten … Highly recommended!"

Koen Van Hove, B2B2C Partnership Manager

"Belgacom is extremely proud of its partnership with Club Brugge.  Our cooperation greatly supports our brand awareness, and offers excellent opportunities in the field of B2C and B2B. To boot, Belgian football takes an essential place in our Belgacom TV offerings, and Club Brugge helps us further build upon our positioning.  Our partnership is as such that we mutually respect the values of both organisation, working together to common goals in a very interactive manner."

Tijl Decuypere, Sales Director Out of Home Pepsico International

"Club Brugge and PepsiCo, that’s two peas in a pod. Both companies want to win by going for it 100%. Here at PepsiCo, the passion demonstrated by our employees radiates towards our existing and new clients and consumers. The sportive and commercial board of Club Brugge has offered us the ideal platform to promote our brands  and to invite our top clients to a very professional hospitality programme. The stamina of our employees, combined with the commitment of Club Brugge to go into business with challenger like Pepsi, has earned us a lot of handy contacts and new selling points. Pure No Sweat, No Glory!"

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