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By establishing the Club Brugge Foundation, Club Brugge is taking up its social responsibility, be it local, national, or even abroad. Each year we take up this responsibility by using the force that is Club Brugge to realise projects in the fields of sports, social integration, health and education. And all of this both nationally and internationally, for everyone, with a particular focus on disadvantaged groups.


With its Club Brugge Foundation, Club Brugge wants to be a ground-breaking club in Belgium when it comes to social community projects, aiming at establishing Club Brugge as an important social partner in Belgian society.


Club Brugge Foundation aims at …

  • maximum accessibility of Club Brugge;
  • turning Club Brugge’s huge social exemplary role into concrete actions;
  • a positive social contribution by using the impact of football on society.


Without the support of several partners, setting up a social community project would be impossible.  The support of and cooperation with specialised organisations has a stimulating effect. Club Brugge intends on a win win situation for all parties involved. Only then a constructive and legitimate cooperation is possible.

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