Jan Breydel Stadium Tours


Feel like visiting Club Brugge's home grounds? Ever wondered what the press room, business seats, honorary seats or the players' tunnel looks like? Book your tour today, and get acquainted with a side match day fans never get to see.




Experienced guides will take you on a Club Brugge Stadium Tour, going deep inside the stadium where fans usually are not allowed.


Just like a football game, a tour at Club Brugge takes 90 minutes, but you might want to take into account added time.  Club Brugge's rich past is celebrated through 11 highlights, and fans will get a behind-the-scenes view of the wheelings and dealings at Club Brugge:


  1. Tours start from our Club Shop, where we go back to where it all started for Club over 125 years ago.
  2. We get a taste of the true and unique atmosphere at Jan Breydel Stadium from our spionkop.
  3. Safety first, so a visit of our safety tower cannot be missed. Here we get a view of how security is arranged within the stadium.
  4. Experience the buzz of the press room as a true journalist during a press conference.
  5. As our special guest, you can take a seat in our honorary stands, and find out more about what makes our stadium truly unique.
  6. The luxury of our business seats will be revealed to you, our VIP of the day.
  7. Get a glimpse of our comfortable Skylounge Business Seats.
  8. Inside our players' tunnel, we get a virtual look of the Club dressing room, and feel the pre-game vibe as we prepare for that memorable walk to our main pitch.
  9. Through the players' tunnel, we finally come up close and personal with the holy Jan Breydel pitch, and the players' dug-outs.
  10. Catch your reflection in Club' silverware, and relive those great Club memories at the Club Museum.
  11. The tour ends at the Club Shop. No visit is complete without a small gift to take home with you.


Groups with people having a mental or physical condition are also welcome. We have a tour catered for them specifically.




The following groups can visit our stadium on a tour free of charge:

  •  Schools, youth organisations and youth sports teams
  •  Groups for people with a mental and/or a physical impediment
  •  Children below the age of 12

The following prizes go for other groups, such as senior organisations, other organisatinos, companies or private groups:

  •  € 5 per person older than 12
  •  For example: you visit the stadium with a group of 7, 4 of them adults (+12), then you pay 4 x 5€= 20€ for the entire group.

All revenue from these tours go to further elaborating and optimising our tours.




On every first Saturday of the month, tours are offered for individuals (or small groups/families) at 10h. In case Club Brugge plays a home fixture that day, tours are cancelled.


Our tours start and end at the Club Shop; reservations can be made through the below form.


Children below the age of 12 and Club1891-members can visit this tour for free. Older than 12, the entry charge is 5€ per person.




Tours can be organised on a daily basis, except for Saturday afternoons and Sundays, upon availability of a tour guide. No tours can be organised on match days when Club or Cercle plays their home games, or a couple of days prior to a European encounter.


Tours will be organised according to the following schedule:





As a tour of the Club Brugge stadium depends on the availabillity of one of our guides, registration is required. We prefer booking one month ahead. Booking can be done through the form below. Based on the availability of one of our guides, we will then let you know whether we can organise the tour. We will be getting in touch with you as soon as possible.


Cave: filling out the below form should be considered a tour request, and not a tour reservation. A Jan Breydel Tour is only official after our tour guide has confirmed the date via e-mail.



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