“Club could cause pain to Anderlecht (again)”

Blauw-Zwart striker set for Sunday's clash

Club's forward blinks as he talks about Anderlecht. No surprise: Tom De Sutter (28), born and bred in Bruges, spent four years at the Astrid Parc, but feels right at home at Club Brugge these days. Visiting Anderlecht for the first time in Club jersey., he's not losing any sleep over it. But he leaves no room for doubt: "When all the pieces of the puzzle fit, we can show what we've got again against Mitrovic et co.” Part II of "A Deep and Meaning ful with Tom De Sutter."


What are the weaknesses Club might exploit in trying to defeat Anderlecht on Sunday?
“There are weaknesses, obviously, but I will not be revealing anything, for logical reasons. I'll explain to the coach should he ask me.”

Do you reckon Club might be demonstrating again, just like last season during the PO's?
“That would be great, yes. From the bench, I was bewildered to see Club play so frivolously and attacking. I hadn't seen that many teams dominate our side that much in my four years there. In that first half, the pieces of the puzzle fitted neatly, and if they do again, a likely scenario should be possible.”

Going down 4-0 earlier this season at Jan Breydel, I'm sure that's still a sensitive issue at Anderlecht?
“I wouldn't be surprised, no. It's years ago since Anderlecht has had such a beating in the league. I'm sure John Van den Brom will be using it in his pre-game pep talk. A certain sense of revenge will be playing. But that's okay, we are a strong team that can cope with that.”

What type of game do you expect?
“I think there won't be a lot of football at the start of the game. But when one team scores, things can get more exciting. Club is traveling to Brussels in full confidence. We have been great in any top game this season so far. The game at Jan Breydel was one with all the trimmings. Everything went according to plan, and with the incredible support of our fans we were able to move mountains. And we did. It was a top game, one to remember. I have very good memories of that game, even today, and we'll try to repeat that trick on Sunday, why not. We've got what it takes to cause pain to Anderlecht (again).”

That's clear. After the point loss against the 'smaller teams', Club can hardly afford to take any more damage?
“It's simple: the points we lost out on should be recovered elsewhere. The sooner the better.”

I'm sure our coach touched upon the unnecessary draw at Lierse. What was his conclusion?
“As the coach pointed out right after the game, the reason for Lierse's equaliser was 95% our fault. We should take from this unfortunate incident that we should be able to "kill" a game when we are clearly in control and in the lead. In that respect, the draw was essential in our learning process. We still need to be more clever.”            

Club gaat er met veel vertrouwen naartoe. We zijn al een volledig seizoen beresterk in de topwedstrijden.

Tom De Sutter