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750 students join Bibi and the senior players by signing a health contract

Scoren voor Gezondheid

Over the course of last week, Club mascot Bibi paid a surprise visit to all 36 classes (in 11 schools in the city of Bruges and the surrounding neighbourhood) that had registered for Club's Foundation project "Scoren voor Gezondheid" (Scoring for health), with 750 students taking part. In signing a contract along with the first team players, the students commit to a healthier lifestyle: a healthier diet and more exercise. The Club Brugge Foundation has developed a ready-made course package for the participating schools.

Signing a contract with the Club Brugge stars

In light of this project, Bibi paid a visit last weekend to all classes with a copy for each student of the contract signed by among others Vanaken, Nielsen and Rits. Every student joins the players in signing a contract confirming their motivation to exercise more often and commit to a healthier diet. How will they go about it? The Club Brugge Foundation course package offers 15 lessons, both theoretical and practical, covering all aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

"Whether our students were surprised? You bet! As soon as mascot Bibi showed up, we saw many bewildered, happy and enthusiastic faces." - teacher Kim from the Heilig hartschool explained.

"As an added bonus, we try to send a cool and personal clip witn one of our first team players to the teachers so they can show this in class. This way, we try and motivate them even more to set the right example, and to make sure the golden tip of the players in our Men's and Women's squad are heard" - Barbara, project coordinator at Club Brugge Foundation.

Bibi's visit and the signing of the contracts officially kicked off the project Scoren voor Gezondheid . The cherry on top for the students came through a personal message by Hans Vanaken, motivating them and wishing them the best of luck! The courses will be taking off, and it will all start with a fun practical lesson: a kick-off at Jan Breydel Stadium, where students perform sports tests, follow a workshop about healthy food, and let off some steam at the fun village, with bouncy castles and so much more.

Meer weten?

Eager to find out more about this project? Visit our info page about Scoren voor Gezondheid.

This project will be offered to the participating schools completely free of charge. No Heart, no Glory <3


The following schools will be participating this year:

  • De Regenboog (Beernem)
  • De Klimtoren (Jabbeke)
  • De Zeeparel (Knokke-Heist)
  • OLVA De Meersen (Brugge)
  • Zedelgem Dorp (Zedelgem)
  • Ter Bunen (Oedelem)
  • De Tandem (Brugge)
  • Heilig Hartschool (Knokke-Heist)
  • Roezemoes (Brugge)
  • De Fonkel (Aartrijke)
  • Sint-Jansschool (Knokke-Heist)

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