Sunday 20 February 2022 19:00

Alfred Schreuder: "Fought as a team"

The second half performance by his team may not have been all too inspired, but coach Alfred Schreuder was happy with the mindset deployed by his team.

"We knew today's circumstances would make this a tough away mission", the coach kicked off. "We took a good start, with a goal early on. After that, we were in control throughout the first half, with some options to double the score. In the second half, we did add that second, but soon conceded that 1-2. We then went through a rough patch, and it took a fiesty Simon to keep us afloat. The circumstances kept us from finding that calm in possession. In the end, it's a 1-3 win for us, and I liked the way it came about. Despite the fact that we had some trouble in the second half, we kept fighting as a team, and that's what I love seeing. Playing in front of a crowd also helped us that bit further", a clearly satisfied Alfred Schreuder concluded. (TM)

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