Saturday 12 March 2022 22:30

Alfred Schreuder: "We create our own luck"

Club won 1-3 on the field of KV Ostend tonight. The Blues were lucky three times.

“I think we also create these chances by putting high pressure. We trained on that but it are indeed presents. You still have to score of course. We got a couple of good chances in the second half and have to decide the match earlier."

We didn't play our best match today. Our positioning was good and we had a lot of space but we did not use it well. We can play much better."

Sargis Adamyan scored twice today and brought the defense of Ostend into troubles. "I know Adamyan very well of course. He is a very good striker. He puts high pressure, uses the space and works very hard."

Jack Hendry came on the pitch as a substitute against his former team due to an injury of Nsoki. "It is very difficult to come on the pitch without warming-up but Jack did a great job. The injury of Nsoki looks not too bad", ended our coach.


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