Friday 1 April 2022 23:30

Alfred Shreuder: “We could have scored more"

Alfred Shreuder was happy with the first seventy minutes of his team. The Blues immediately won again after the break, the match on the field of Beerschot ended 1-3.

“We are happy with the result. I am especially happy with what we showed in the first sixty-seventy minutes. We played well from the start and also during the first quarter of the second half. We were leading 0-3 and had everything under control. We could have scored even more. They score once and it can still become tough then. Beerschot still got two possibilities to score a second goal. Our organisation needs to be better in such situations. You feel you are losing control which can be prevented when having a solid organisation. You are not happy as a coach then."

A nice victory after the break. “In general I am satisfied with our mentality after a one-week break. In my experience things are typically harder then. Yesterday I already saw my players were focused which is important. You have few time to prepare yourself after the international matches but I could see things were fine. It is good if you can show this during the first hour after being away. Our game is developing further and further. You can see many patters and the way of putting pressure is important. The players are working hard and are focused. There are no easy matches in the regular league. You always have to do it yourself. Today we also had to and I am happy with the result."

In the meantime Club won seven consecutive matches. "Our way of playing is fine and we did well from the start. You can see it when looking at the data, when possessing the ball, the chances we create and concede. It is going much better than before the winter break. I can see that clearly when looking at it objectively.” (KN)

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