Sunday 15 May 2022 17:15

Bart Verhaeghe: “Glad we were rewarded for our audacious and offensive play”

The final whistle at the Bosuil stirred lots of emotions in Club president Bart Verhaeghe, who was clearly overjoyed by this new title, the fifth ever since he took over at Club.

“I'm thrilled for everyone making part of Club Brugge. And that's not just the players and staff, but also all employees, which makes about 170 people living their passion each and every day, taking up their responsibility. From the cleaning staff to the kitchen brigade, you name it. There are so many people unknown to the masses, but they do form an integral part of this club. Club Brugge is capable of dealing with a lot, because of its backbone teeming with a professional attitude. We are an institute. Also keep in mind that this has been a tough season, let's not beat about the bush about that. We had a terrifying group in Europe, but still managed to claim four points, and maybe it could have been even more. We made it to the Cup Semis, but were beaten by a stronger Gent. And in the play-offs we were behind at the start, but we prepared for it in an extremely professional manner. We know what it's like, playing the play-offs. There's so much we can fall back on, and today goes to show: we came behind, in a game with so much pressure and everything rooting against us, but then you can see just how strong Club really is.”

Bart Verhaeghe
Bart Verhaeghe

Joe Public was clearly charmed by the fairy tale served by Union, which ultimately fell apart. “Union deserved all the sympathy they got. They brought a type of football with the means available to them, but as far as I'm concerned, this is just Brighton. I'm also a business man in football, and let's face it: Brighton has more means than we do. They make use of Union for the bigger picture, but we always try to bring positive and dominant football. I've been saying that Belgian football needs a typical aspect. Think of Dutch football, and you think of dominant and attacking play. We also want to play like that, so you have to be able to  put your money where your mouth is. That's also why I'm so happy we won it, because we play an audacious and offensive type of football. We stayed true to our beliefs, we have no fear of playing football, even when we play PSG or Man City.”

With Alfred Schreuder's departure Ajax, another period of restructuring at Club Brugge kicks off. “We have already shown before that we are capable of handling these kinds of situations. Working towards a new selection, that's what we do every year. You're happy you are able to sell some talent, but also that you can welcome some new talent. To boot, we're in a season in which we bid farewell to two coaches: first Philippe Clement, who made his way to Monaco, and now our coach heading for Ajax. I congratulated Philippe on their great run last night. He's doing a marvellous job, and I'm just as proud of him. He's someone from our Club who's realising something great. But I'm off to Bruges now, I've got some people waiting for us over there. And that's great, we all deserve it here.” (SF)

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