Benoît Poulain: “Boost for our scoring strikers”

A fiery start by Club helped the hosts along to beat Eupen, even if Benoît Poulain saw how the visitors brought tension back to the game in a more balanced second half.


“the basis for this win was laid out in the first half. We took a good start, with lots of energy. We struggled a bit more after our 3-0: should we keep going, which might take us in the red, or will that be too much? It was an intense game, and you cannot keep that up for an entire game. We didn't manage to bring the same to the table in the second half, with a higher pace only in the first ten minutes or so. After that 4-2, we didn't start doubting, but the fact that we conceded two says something. A bit of motivation to help us give that extra something again. Eupen has quality and agility, their two goals go to show. They play some fine football, only failing a bit in ball loss. We'll do everything to keep all points at Jan Breydel again this season. That worked out fine today, so we should be happy. This opener will definitely boost our scoring strikers.” (KN)

Benoît Poulain
Benoît Poulain

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