Sunday 26 August 2018 18:00

Benoît Poulain: “Stronger Anderlecht than last season”

Club's three in the back, Benoît Poulain joined by Denswil and Mitrovic, kept a close eye on Anderlecht's attacking prowess. The French defender went through a tight spot when the ref's decision to award a penalty in the second half was overturned by the VAR.

“Claiming the win at home was vital. More particularly so against Anderlecht, the current leaders. It's a good start to the season. I reckoned Anderlecht was strong, better than last season even. So Club put in a solid performance. We had plenty of chances to score, but got stuck at two. I was involved in two key situations. First my header coming off the post and in the hands of their goalie, a pity that didn't go in. The second time around was that tackle just outside the box. The ref pointed towards the spot, but the VAR overturned that decision. It turned out to be of great help. We know many players at Anderlecht. I joined Santini at KV Kortrijk earlier on in my career, and we have come across Trebel often too. We didn't allow them any big chances. Our group is solid, strong enough to claim another league win.”

Benoît Poulain
Benoît Poulain

On Thursday, the Champions League draw awaits. “What's most important is that we want to bring some good stuff to the pitch. I don't fancy any names, we'll see what's in store. A lot of fine outfits are in the draw, so it will probably be an even tougher draw than the last time. We want to do better than then. But I have full belief in a better outcome.” (KN)

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