Saturday 2 March 2019 23:45

Benoît Poulain: "Game against Genk was the turnaround"

Back from suspension, Benoît Poulain paired up with Amrabat and Denswil in a three-man defense. Club hardly gave away any chances, but it had to wait until the final fifteen minutes of the game to break the deadlock.

“A fine result for us, taking us to six points from the leaders. There was lots of energy in our play. We put lots of pressure, with lots of possession, taking plenty of risk. STVV showed just why it had been doing so well of late, and showed why they are currently in fifth place. This 1-0 win is a fine result against them. We had trouble finding a solution in the first half, also because the pitch is still not okay. Those two factors made it hard on us, and put some sand in the machine. In the second half, things went much better. We upped the pressure, through corner kicks. In total, we showed we were the better team. In earlier games, we also showcased our dominance, but only created some smaller chances to make the difference. This time, we had bigger chances, showing a clear difference. The turnaround really only came when Genk paid us a visit a couple of weeks ago. We now need to try and get an even smaller gap after our next two games. We will try to be at full strength by the start of the play-offs." (KN)

Benoît Poulain
Benoît Poulain

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