Sunday 21 August 2022 16:30

Bjorn Meijer: “The difference should have been bigger"

The Blues took the lead again just before halftime thanks to a header of Bjorn Meijer. The Dutchman scored his first goal for Club Brugge. An important one because it was the winning goal!

"The difference should have been bigger. We shot a lot on target which is what will become clear when watching the match stats. The final phase, scoring, was not good. As Club Brugge, we have to win every match. Creating a series of victories or reaching a certain level. We did not play a very good match. We can win every match if we reach our level. We have to discuss as a team what went wrong and what we can improve. That is something to work on in the coming week."

Bjorn Meijer almost scored a second goal but it was offside. "I didn't know it was offside. Otherwise I would not have jumped like that. It is a pity but I am also happy with my other goal. My goal just before halftime was important. Otherwise you go into the dressing room with another feeling."

The Dutchman was also asked about the interest of West Ham in Hans Vanaken. "Hans is an amazing player. There will be enough interest. I know him personally since a few months now and it is not my job to respond to this. He is just a very important player for Club Brugge." (KN)

Bjorn Meijer
Bjorn Meijer

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