Sunday 12 March 2023 17:00

Bjorn Meijer: "We owed our fans something"

After his wonderful goal against Benfica, Bjorn Meijer also scored a very nice goal against Standard. The Dutchman curled a free kick delightfully into the top corner to secure the win. Club could thus end a turbulent week with a deserved victory against Standard.

"Our win is over-deserved because we dominated almost the entire match against Standard even though they came here with a lot of confidence," said the Dutchman. "After losing against both Ostend and Benfica, you know there is a lot of chaos coming your way and something is about to happen. But we are professionals, so we knew what was expected from us. Besides that, we owed our fans something." When asked how different things were under Rik De Mil, Meijer initially held off a bit. "We put our heads together and, without going into details, we had a good conversation. I immediately noticed that he knew how to create a positive vibe. So the feeling was right from the start, although you also know he wasn't going to change everything. We have to keep our feet on the ground now and build on that. Another difficult away game is scheduled on Saturday, against Kortrijk. We also have to win then. After our victory against Ghent everyone thought we were on the right track. However, only one week later we lost 3-0 at Ostend," said Meijer, who is scoring more and more often the last couple of weeks. "Although my goal in Lisbon was beautiful, it was nothing more than a footnote. My goal today turned out to be more important. It was a nice one at least." (MV)

Bjorn Meijer
Bjorn Meijer

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