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Bjorn Meijer: “Two points lost”

Jupiler Pro League

With just a few seconds on the clock, Bjorn Meijer had an excellent chance to finally give Club what it deserved, but goalkeeper Warleson again proved the better of the effort, single handedly keeping the score at 0-0.

“Disheartened that we are here with just the one point, we lost out on two points. It was an intense game with lots of opportunities. We aimed at their keeper too much, and he was having a field day. We had chances that just wouldn't go in, and it drives you mad. We also allowed them some chances, which wasn't good on our part. You know that these games come with chances on both sides of the pitch, but I reckon we had too many opportunities today. We played well, despite the saddening result. We came well prepared and really egged each other on for the game. When you apply pressure well from the start, it brings you more motivation and you just want to keep going. With the game we played, we really should have won this one. The three points would have been great. Our run hasn't been great of late, it's clearly not a good spell for us. Fortunately for us we're not even halfway. That's something we can take with us to make up for this.” (KN)